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For Eleuthera Bahamas Rainbow Bay Key Lime Cottage Guests

Eleuthera Airport Information

The closest Eleuthera airport is Governor’s Harbour (GHB) 8 miles south of the house. The 2nd closest airport is North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) about 30 miles north. At the airport you can pick up your car rental, or perhaps arrange for the car rental vendor to meet you at the airport to help direct your way to the Cottage.

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Airline Status for Arrivals and Departures for GHB Governor's Harbour Airport

Link to:  Airline Status for Arrivals and Departures for ELH North Eleuthera Airport

Eleuthera Car Rental

An Eleuthera car rental is strongly recommended to get around the island to various tourist spots, restaurants, grocery stores and beaches. There are currently no international “Hertz-type” rental agencies. All car rentals are through local Bahamians. Because of the high duty to import cars, they are generally older-model cars, but work well to get around the island. Cars have a standard rental rate, and jeeps, vans and SUV’s are generally at an additional cost. Eleuthera car rental rates are around $65-$80 per daily rate or $420 on up per weekly rate. Jeep-bronco  4-wheel drive types may run at an additional cost, and pick-up to North Eleuthera may be extra as it is farther to travel (around $30 more) (rental prices subject to change).

Our Caretaker’s son, Kean Stubbs, has been a reliable source for our guests. If interested, here is the contact info:

Kean & Tia Stubbs, proprietors
242-422-9611, cell phone

For Spanish Wells - Russell Island Pink Hibiscus Cottage Guests

Eleuthera Airport Information

The closest Eleuthera airport is ELH (North Eleuthera Airport) about 10 miles south of the properties. After arriving to the airport, you will then need to take a car taxi to the Spanish Wells Ferry Dock (Gene's Bay) in North Eleuthera, There you can board the 5-minute government ferry that takes you over to Spanish Wells. Many of our guests use a convenient local taxi service arranged from Pinder’s Supermarket in Spanish Wells, 242-333-4068, that combines both the ground taxi and ferry ride direct from the airport. Pinder’s will pick you up from the North Eleuthera Airport and transport you by ground taxi for the short ride to Gene’s Bay dock and there you will board their 5 minute ferry to Spanish Wells. Currently pricing is $30 per person round trip with a 2-person minimum (rates subject to change). When you arrive at the Spanish Wells dock, our Caretaker can arrange to meet you there, and you can retrieve your rented golf cart (highly recommended to get around the island for your stay).  You can follow our Caretaker for a short drive to Russell Island which is connected to Spanish Wells by a small bridge. Golf cart rental vendors can be found by the Spanish Well Harbour and can be reserved prior to your arrival by a simple email or phone call.

Bahamas Ferries

The Bohengy is a large Ferry that arrives most daily to Spanish Wells at 10:00 am from Nassau. Then an hour later it travels on over to Harbour Island. This is an opportunity to take a day trip from Spanish Wells to Harbour Island and return back in the afternoon. Check the website for the schedules and contact for pricing.

Getting Around Spanish Wells-Russell Island during your stay

Golf Carts are the best way for tourists to get around the Spanish Wells/Russell Island area well.  Generally, a 4-seater golf cart will run you around $250 per week.  We have referral sources for golf carts on the island.

The government ferry that takes passengers back and forth from Spanish Wells to the mainland North Eleuthera is $8 round-trip.  Please note the Government Ferry service operates morning until late afternoon only (you want to keep this in mind when scheduling a day trip and return back on time).   While on-island, Boat rentals for recreation and fishing are available to rent subject to availability.


Eleuthera has 3 airports:

(1) Governor's Harbour, GHB--closest airport for Rainbow Bay guests, 2nd best ELH.
(2) North Eleuthera, ELH--closest airport for Russell Island guests and airport that offers Taxi Service to Spanish Wells.

(3) Rock Sound, RSD--South Eleuthera.
Most people fly into Eleuthera from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, or through Nassau, Bahamas.
*Please note airlines/schedules are subject to change. Please check with airlines directly in advance to making any final vacation accommodation arrangements. We do not endorse any particular airline.

Transportation from Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, FL (1 hr flight)

Major Airline:

American Airlines 800-433-7300

United Airlines 800--864-8331, Silver Airways 800-229-9990

Smaller Airlines:

Bahamas Express 754-200-0005

Transportation to Nassau, Bahamas:

Larger Airline:

Delta 800-241-4141

By Air from Nassau, Bahamas to Eleuthera (20 minute flight)

Bahamas Air 800-222-4262

Pineapple Air 242-377-0140 

Southern Air Charter 242-377-2014 or 2015.

By Boat Ferry "Bo Hengy", from Nassau, Bahamas to Eleuthera: (2 hrs)

Bahamas Ferries (check schedules for departures/arrivals to Spanish Wells).

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